WATCH: The Miracle in California's Humboldt County

It’s being called an “absolute miracle.”

That’s how the sheriff in Humboldt County in Northern California described the survival of those two little sisters who were found safe and sound over the weekend after being missing for nearly two days.

How did 8 year old Leia and 5 year old Caroline do it? The young girl had been trained in outdoor survival through their local 4-H club and rescuers credit that with them surviving two cold, dark and rainy nights in a rugged open area.

Fortunately they had boots on and had eaten some granola bars. And except for being dehydrated, the girls were not hurt.

But an 8 year old and a 5 year old walking away from their home and surviving such an ordeal? As the sheriff put it, “to have a positive outcome like this is just absolutely amazing.”

It’s the kind of story that can often turn out very differently. And it’s the kind of story that may give others hope and remind all of us that even when all appears bad in a certain situation in life, there are happy endings.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)



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