Is Mayor Faulconer's Political Future Moving to the Left?

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s speech this week in Sacramento is making news.

Besides some of the things he said in the speech that people are talking about, the fact that he gave the speech he did has a lot of people talking and wondering.

Is Mayor Faulconer making an intentional return to the statewide stage or is he even working on a plan to move to a national stage.

The fact that he gave the speech to the New Way California group, which is part of a recent movement in the state to move the Republican Party toward the center to give them a better chance at winning statewide elections in California is drawing attention itself.

But with one Republican candidate having already announced that he will challenge President Trump in the party’s primaries next year and at least a couple more who are thinking about it, could Mayor Faulconer be trying to be part of a nationwide movement to move the Republican Party to the left?

With the pro-Trump politicians and the never-Trump politicians out there looking toward the 2020 election, only time and politics will tell.

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