Judge Dismisses Fatal Police Shooting Lawsuits in El Cajon

A federal judge in San Diego has dismissed two lawsuits that were filed in connection with a controversial shooting of a black man in 2016 in El Cajon.

The lawsuits in the death of Alfred Olango were filed by his wife and father stemming from the incident that happened in the parking lot of a taco shop on Broadway in El Cajon. The shooting led to protest demonstrations for days afterwards.

U.S. District Court Judge Cynthia Bashant agreed with a request by the city of El Cajon and Officer Richard Gonsalves for summary judgment, or dismissal, of the cases. But in issuing the ruling, the judge also added in her opinion that "the Court has grave concerns about how the officers handled this situation in its totality. Olango had not put anyone in danger but himself.”

Olango, who was 38 years old, was fatally shot by Gonsalves on September. 27th in 2016 after his sister called police for help with her mentally distraught brother.

(Photo credit 10News)

Alfred Olango police shooting El Cajon 9/27/19  10News


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