What Women Want and Men Want When it Comes to Jobs

When it comes to the differences between men and women, it’s impossible to generalize.

But in time for today’s International Women’s Day, the job and career social network site, Linked In, is out this week with a Gender Insights Report.

According to the website Inc., the Linked In study looked at billions of interactions on the site between companies and job candidates and they found several differences between men and women when it comes to looking for jobs.

Here a few of their key findings:

  • Both men and women are just as much interested in new jobs and opportunities.
  • But women, when they find a job opening, are significantly less likely to apply for it than men are--about a 20 percent difference.
  • The Linked In study suggests it may be that women were less likely to apply for jobs unless they felt they met 100 percent of the qualifications. For men, the bar was 60 percent.
  • And the research found that If they actually did apply, women were about 16 percent more likely to get the job -- and 18 percent more likely to get hired in more senior roles

The study may be telling us that some women underestimate their skills and capabilities while some men exaggerate their abilities.Gee that never happens.

Read entire LinkedIn study.

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LinkedIn on your phone  Getty Images

LinkedIn on your phone Getty Images

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