The Questions in the Air Over the Grounding of Boeing Planes

All of Boeing’s new 737 MAX planes have now been grounded, but there are a lot of questions flying around, as the investigations into two recent crashes involving the aircraft continue.

On orders from the President and the FAA after most other countries had already decided to keep the planes on the ground, the U.S. told the airlines to fly their 737 MAX planes to their destination and then park them.

Why did it take a couple of days for the U.S to ground them after other countries had decided to it?Did they know something we didn’t know?Or did the U.S. hold off because of the size and influence of Boeing?

Those are some the questions that are flying around what has now become not only an investigation into two airline crashes that killed just short of 350 people, but now a controversy and probably a growing debate over how airlines are regulated and watched over by the FAA and the government.

As you heard a veteran pilot who flew commercial jetliners for 40 years say on KOGO this week, the problem with the 737 MAX planes was new software and a lack of training.

And now there are reports that some pilots are furious because they say that they were not even told about the new software when the plane was first put into operation. And they want to know why.

Until all these questions are answered, the flying public’s confidence in what has become the safest form of transportation may suffer.

(Photo credit Getty Images)



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