John Oliver Seems to Agree With Me. Leave Lewinsky Alone.

It was a gleeful time, in American politics. The continual shaming of a 22 year old, for doing the same things most adults get-up-to, albeit in a less-public way.

If you are human, chances are pretty good, you have had some sort of sexual experience, by the time you are, let's be generous, 20 or so.

And if you have both had, and enjoyed, those experiences, then you would be among hundreds of millions of people...and their kids, who have done the same. Myself included.

As biology would have it, we are kind of programmed to enjoy these things...thereby passing along our DNA to subsequent people who will also enjoy them.

Perhaps, "driven," to do them, is a better description.

And there is also this pseudo-Puritan center in our country that seems to drive us to humiliate and shame people who have gone outside our "moral," constraints, to do these things in a way that we consider, outside the norm.

Despite plenty of evidence that human sexuality doesn't really have a norm...just some basic guidelines, if that.

We don't like cheaters...but we rarely blame the cheaters in an even-handed way.

Monica Lewinsky was an adult. She took part in a sexual relationship with a married man, who also happened to be the President.

But it is Lewinsky, at the time, a 22 year old nitwit, bowled over by power and prestige, who took the biggest hit in that relationship.

The most powerful man in the world walked away with a finger-wag, and a wink. Even a few back-slaps.

And she has paid for that relationship every day since.

She was driven into the ground by the moral-obsessed, who called her fat, and a slut. Her name became synonymous with oral sex, as though she is the only woman in the world who has ever engaged in that particular pastime. Please.

Both the left and the right in this country are culpable for the severely lopsided bludgeoning of this women, and it needs to end. Hell, I think we all owe her an apology.

And we might consider some soul-searching to determine what makes us want to hound into the ground, an adult, for having a consensual, sexual relationship with another adult. And why we find it appropriate, to the point that revenge-porn is a booming industry, to lay waste to people's lives and livelihoods. Even endangering those lives. And we wink at the creeps who post it, and finger-wag at the, (mostly,) women victimized by it.

The shame, I believe, is ours.



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