Former USD Head Basketball Coach Named in College Cheating Scandal

The former coach at the University of San Diego who was named in the college admissions cheating scandal announced last week has been identified.

In a statement released by the school Wednesday, USD says former head basketball coach Lamont Smith, is the coach. He resigned one year ago this month, just days after being arrested on charges of domestic violence. The statement says two student applicants also were involved. One is a current student. The other applicant declined admission.

The school goes on to say that any student who falsifies an application faces various sanctions, up to and including expulsion, depending on the nature of the misconduct.

The statement concludes by saying "USD strongly condemns the actions revealed by the government in this matter but maintain our strong commitment to our values of integrity and ethical conduct."

USD is among several top universities named in the case. Others include USC, Stanford, University of Texas at Austin, Wake Forest University, Georgetown and Yale.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

Former USD Basketball Coach Lamont Smith 10News


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