VIDEO! Brawl on a Ryanair Flight!

Ted and I were talking about this today...neither of us has ever seen ANYthing like this on a plane.

About the closest I have ever come to seeing an incident, was on a flight to New Zealand, when there was a medical emergency, where they actually called for a doctor to help a passenger who had a diabetic issue.

These two toughs apparently got into it when one male passenger asked a female passenger to put on her shoes.

THIS happened. Over asking someone to put on their dang shoes!

Apparently, there was blood spattered all over the place because one guy bit the other's nose.

Fisticuffs are rarely called-for...especially mid-flight. I think we can do better.

Both men were arrested when the plane landed. It's people like this that will ensure that some day soon, none of the rest of us nice, normal, but nervous flyers, will be able to have a cocktail and relax. Thanks, you insufferable creeps.

Now, I will say, I have seen some pretty gross behavior on a plane. I don't know why people take off their shoes and prop their bare feet up onto, and between, other people's seats...and I don't know why anyone would want to engage in any sort of sexual behavior on the flying cess-pits that are modern aircraft...that's gross. Heck, I can't figure out why everyone doesn't bring Lysol on every plane they ride...and hose everything down with it before sitting. I'm not even the kind of germaphobe Ted is, lol.



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