What Will Be Done About Growing Complaints About Scooters in San Diego?

Aside from all the concerns you hear expressed on the radio and written about on line and in newspapers about politics, there is another hot topic in San Diego.

It has to do with all the electric scooters downtown, in the beach areas and all over the city.

A letter from a reader today of the San Diego Union Tribune may sum up what many people are saying. It comes from a parent in La Jolla who writes:

“My children, now ages 14 and 12, have been in the Junior Lifeguard program for many years. Two years ago, they began riding their bicycles from Bird Rock to Mission Bay for the program. This year I can honestly say that I am hesitant to let them ride their bikes. The scooter problem is out of control. Not only are the riders speeding down sidewalks, they are riding super-fast on the boardwalk, too.”

This parent goes on to say:

“It is a sad day when I tell my kids to take their chances riding to junior guards in the streets with the cars, instead of riding safely down the boardwalk to their summer daytime camp.”

The San Diego City Council will soon be deciding what to do about the concerns of these parents and other residents who share various concerns about what has become an unwelcome attraction for many in San Diego that you might call ‘Scooter World’.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)



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