Why San Diego Ranks So Low on New U.S. News & World Report List

A new list of best cities in which to live is not one of San Diego's finest moments.

Many of us still like to refer to San Diego as America’s Finest City, since the name was first self-appointed by then Mayor Pete Wilson in the 1970’s after the city lost the Republican National Convention at the very last minute and was considered an embarrassment to our civic pride.

While proudly calling ourselves America’s Finest may not be as frequently used as it used to be, you still have to wonder why San Diego did not make the top ten list of Best Cities in Which to Live by U.S News and World Report that came out this week.

Not only did we not make the top 10 list, we didn’t make the top 20 list or even the top 30 list.

San Diego comes in at # 36. Well behind a couple of other cities in California, namely San Francisco at #7, San Jose at #14. And even warm weather cities like Phoenix, Houston and San Antonio.

The U.S. and World Report folks say San Diego is a nice place to live for weather, things to do and lifestyle, but, we get knocked way down for the affordability of homes, the cost of rent and even expensive HOA fees.Our lowest ranking had to do with the value of our money. It doesn’t go as far as it does in most other cities.

But still, to be 30 places below San Francisco?A city that has higher home prices, a much bigger homeless problem and lots of dirty streets and lots of rain, fog and chilly temperatures? You have to be kidding!

By the way the overall best U.S. city in which to live, at the top of the list, is Austin Texas. A city without one ocean beach.

See entire U.S. News & World Report list.

(Photo credit KOGO News C.E. Albert)



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