Oh Yeah...it's GoT Weekend, and I am Brushing Up!

I don't watch TV very often.

It's NOT because I think I am too good for TV. It's really because I am too tired to watch TV. I can usually get enthusiastic about a show...and then it generally dries up, as I just can't keep track.

I just...lose interest.

That did NOT happen with Game of Thrones.

No siree-bob. That show had me, at, "Hello," and as it winds down...I am absolutely hooked.

I have seen every episode twice...and started refreshing my recollection last night, starting with season one, spisode 1, and bouncing into season 2. I may not watch every episode...but I will cherry pick a few of my favorites from each season, (Red Wedding, I can't quit you! and ANYTHING with Maisie Williams in Bravos!) and relax and remember the Machiavellian plotting and planning that leads, hopefully, to the death of Cersei Lannister.

With GoT, you never know who's gonna get it next. They will kill your favorite character in the blink of an eye. NO ONE IS SAFE!

I am hoping Tyrion and Arya are the last 2 standing, but I don't like my chances. At. All.

So, this weekend, I plan to drink, and know things, and settle into my favorite story like an old, poisonous, bloody, deadly frenemy.

May the Lord of light, or the Seven, save me. Amen.



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