Beware Of The One Ring Robo Calls from Overseas Countries

If you haven't received one of those one ring robo-calls, chances are you know someone who's been awakened in the middle of the night with a call or multiple calls from Morocco, Slovenia, Mauritania or other random country.

Don't be tempted to answer the call or return it, it's likely a scam unless you actually know someone in one of those overseas countries.

Customers are reporting a rise in the number of these calls, received sometimes multiple times, often in the middle of the night but the FCC advises against being curious to call back as it could cost you, a lot, in per-minute toll charges.

The FCC has sent out an alert to consumers warning them about the latest wave of robo calls which are known as the "wangiri scam" which translates to "one ring and cut" in Japanese. The agency says new technology allows for a multitude of calls to be cast out hoping to catch enough people to make it profitable.

Read more in this story from The New York Times.

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