Sully Erna From Godsmack Talks About Mental Illness, and Showing Our Scars

It's weird how we go from point A to point B. I was listening to Rock 1053 when Voodoo by Godsmack came on, and it hit me...that is a great tune. So I downloaded it.

But you know me, I am nosy. And I am I started iTunes-ing and Googling and YouTubing, and listening to more and more Godsmack. It was fun. And dang, I really like them. A lot.I spent a pretty penny downloading tunes from Godsmack, lol.

And then I ran across this, and my heart nearly burst from happiness.


I was thrilled that a famous artist was out there, saying something beautiful. And that needs to be said.

Maybe if enough people are out front about mental illness just being a part of what we are...making up the weft and weave of our personalities...then fewer people will believe it is something to be ashamed of, or, that they need to hide.

I am pretty upfront about my own battles, so to me, my depression is simply part of who I am. Actually, I think the mental illness I live with has driven me to try to become a better person. It has driven me to try to become successful. It may be why I am successful. I work hard to make sure my depression, with a side of anxiety, doesn't define me. It

It informs my life...but it is not the entirety of my life. Not even close.

And maybe if I am talking about it, you are talking about it, and we can all talk about it as freely as we talk about the other stuff we deal with.

Broken leg? Show off your cast and have your friends deface it with wildly profane and funny stuff.

Show off the scar on your chin you got when you did something dumb...and lived to tell the tale.

And, talk about the depression that occasionally takes you to bed for days, spanks your butt, and makes it hard to even crawl to the shower. Maybe a friend will open up about their crying bouts and waking up from a Haagen Dazs coma surrounded by chocolate-covered sheets, empty containers and used Kleenex. (I have done both, and yes, it is hysterical...once you get to the other side.)

I hope that if you suffer from mental issues, you are able to embrace it. Treat it. It's just a part of you, not all of you...and the people who love you want to give you a lift over the darkest pits...and help you to the other side. Because many of them need you to help them when they fall into their own black hole.

But I digress.

I reached out to Scars, and they got back to me that day.

I was on the phone with Sully Erna the day after that.

Talking about the scars we don't need to hide anymore.

Listen to the conversation...and talk about it.

And dang...that is GREAT song. Just listen to those drums, and that bass. Lordy. I love the band...and I get to like the man. And we get to show off our scars. That's what winning looks like.

PS, (shameless plug) If you would like to have a #realconvo about mental health, go to and Join AFSP's Out of the Darkness Walk at Liberty Station October 27th. Do your good wherever you can, however you can. You may save a life. Maybe your own.


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