The Heat is On But Not on the National Weather Service

You’ve heard it said. Everyone talks about the weather but there’s not much you can do about it.

But there are some people, who while they can’t do anything about the weather, they do have to predict the weather and they do it every day.

They are the meteorologists at the National Weather Service. And these days is seems, there is a lot more weather they have to predict.Even here in San Diego County where the weather is not as changeable as it is in the Midwest for instance, were thunderstorms and strong winds can pop up suddenly at times as they did this month.

In a KOGO News interview with NWS meteorologist Joe Dandria late Monday afternoon, after temperatures had soared to as high as 104 degrees in some of the inland valleys, it was clear they didn’t expect it to get that hot.Even a few local records were set.

But meteorologists like Joe and others at the National Weather Service know more than everyone else that weather is not an exact science. It never has been and probably never will be no matter what advances they make in technology.

Because weather by its nature is something that always changes.Mother Nature doesn’t have graphs or charts she looks at.Weather patterns can fluctuate and some weather can affect other weather.

Yet the people at the National Weather Service will always get it right the huge majority of time. And that’s a forecast that won’t change.


(Photo credit NWS San Diego)

NWS San Diego Forecast Map  June 11 2019

NWS San Diego Forecast Map June 11 2019

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