Why a Handshake Could Become Extinct

Could a handshake become a thing of the past?

We’ve all heard it said that a strong handshake can say better things about how confident a person you are than a limp handshake, that can be seen as a sign of being a weak person.

And now a report that came out the other day suggests that a handshake can be a sign of your overall health and your ability to fight off disease.

The report in the Washington Post says a recent study that found that the strength of your handgrip was strongly associated with wide range of adverse health conditions. The study found an association between a lower handgrip and higher incidence of cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease and others.

But now this report on this study about strong vs limp handshakes has prompted more talk about whether a handshake itself is unhealthy…because of the cold and flu viruses and bacteria than can be transferred from one person to another.

We’ve certainly seen a trend in recent years to replace handshaking with fist or elbow bumping or the waving of the hand or a pat on the back.

It’s said that during our lifetimes, we shake at least 15,000 hands….so by not shaking hands as much, will we avoid more germs?Of course that’s why health experts recommend that we wash our hands a lot as well.

So is the handshake on its way to extinction? We’d love to know what you think. Post your comment below.

Read more about the study.

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