Tensions Rise in Iran and San Diego

It’s a very familiar headline and it’s been that way for many decades.

The headline is “Tensions in the Middle East,”

You’ve read it in newspapers, seen it on TV and heard it in the radio.

And it goes way back. In modern times, some 70 years to the formation of the state of Israel.

And ever since, it seems there has been tension in the Middle East. It doesn’t always involve Israel but it usually does in some way with the continued tension between Israel and most of Arab and Muslim countries.

The U.S. of course has been drawn into the conflict at times, especially of course since 9-11 and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And now much of the tension in the Middle East is between the U.S. and Iran. And that means that a lot of people in San Diego are paying attention.Because a lot of people in San Diego are serving in the military or have family or friends who are.

And with the report this week that the San Diego-based warship, the USS Boxer, was threatened by an Iranian drone and fired its weapons to destroy it, there probably is even more concern among our military families as tensions grow in the Middle East and in San Diego.

And the situation should be a powerful reminder to all of us in San Diego that we live in a community where brave men and women willingly put themselves at risk to serve and protect us and their country.

READ MORE about the shooting down of the drone by the USS Boxer.

(Photo credit U.S. Navy News Service)

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