13 Registered Sex Offenders on GPS Monitoring in Wisconsin Can't Be Found

Sex offender cut off GPS ankle bracelet after being released

Law enforcement officials in Wisconsin admitted last week that they are unable to find more than a dozen registered sex offenders who are supposed to be monitored using GPS devices.

According to an agency spokesperson, of the 965 sex offenders who are on "active supervision" with the Wisconsin Department of Correction, 13 of those cannot be located. The department admitted to losing the sex offenders who are mandated to be monitored using GPS devices in response to an inquiry about 31-year-old Brandon King, who was released from prison on Aug. 6 after serving time for incest with a child and forcing a child to view sexual material.

King is among the 13 sex offenders who cannot be located, despite a court-ordered GPS monitoring device. As part of King's release, he agreed to extended supervision until at least 2028 and wear a GPS device.

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, King cut off the ankle bracelet a few hours after his release.

Photo: Wisconsin Department of Corrections

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