What It Means for San Diego to Celebrate Mexican Independence Day

Cinco de Mayo may get more attention because it gets more attention in the United States than it does in Mexico, but today gets a lot more attention in Mexico.

Today, September 16th, is Mexican Independence Day.

While Cinco de Mayo commemorates an important victory in a battle over French forces in 1862, Mexican Independence Day marks what was the start of the rebellion against Spanish rule when a speech by a priest named Miguel Hidalgo became a shout for independence that Mexico eventually attained in 1821. 

Mexican Independence Day is a national public holiday in Mexico with banks, schools, government offices and many businesses closed.

And while it may not be what Cinco de Mayo is on this side of the border, Mexican Independence Day is celebrated in the San Diego area.

There were several events over the weekend in Old Town, Balboa Park, Little Italy and in Oceanside on the eve of the holiday when a lot of people in Mexico traditionally start celebrating it.

All the events for Mexican Independence Day in the San Diego area are a sign of just how connected we are with our southern neighbors and the important social, cultural and economic ties we have to Mexico.

And that’s something to celebrate on both sides of the border.

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