How High Will Gas Prices Go Up After Saudi Blow Up?

It was nice while it lasted.

Gas prices in San Diego County were lowering over the last couple of months, and it actually seemed a bit unusual, for them not to be higher during the summer.

But everything suddenly changed after the attack last weekend on the oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. And things changed, quickly, in just a matter of three days. You’ve probably noticed it if you’ve filled up since the weekend,

Gas prices are clearly on the rise, with the average price in San Diego County now just a penny or two shy of 3-dollars and 80-cents, and headed toward 4-dollars a gallon in probably just a few days, or even hours, the way things are going.

California usually has the highest price for gas in the whole country and that’s still definitely the case. The average gas price nationwide is about a dollar or more less.People in places like Texas often pay just a little over two-bucks a gallon for their gas.

So as we head into the fall, how high will gas prices go? No one knows for sure because no one knows for sure how long it will take for Saudi oil to start flowing again.And there are always those other factors like problems at California’s refineries that shutdown production for a while.

One thing’s for sure. As we get closer to the holidays and gift buying picks up, you might want to leave a little extra money in the bank because of how much you may have to spend filling up your tank.

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