Batman Helps Pre-School Girl Who Was Bullied

We all hear far too many stories about bullying in school.

If you have kids in school, you probably hear about, see them, or your child might have even been involved in a case of bullying.

So when you find a good news story about bullying and inspires you, you have to share it. Take for instance the story from Spring Hill Florida.

A woman’s 3-year-old daughter Lydia came home from preschool with bruises and other marks and mom soon learned that her little daughter, in pre-school mind you, was apparently being bullied by another little kid.

Lydia’s mom talked to the school about it but says the bullying was still happening so she went on Facebook and shared her story and her frustrations.

And according to the report at the website, about what happened, an EMT in Spring Hill Florida, named Jack, who’s a friend of the little girl’s mom and a dad, and sometimes dresses as Batman for events, saw the Facebook post and decided to help little Lydia, knowing the girl liked super heroes.

So yep, he asked if he could walk Lydia to school as Batman and he did. And he even gave Lydia her very own superhero costume. He wanted to her to know that she was just as brave as any of the other superheroes he knows.

SEE PHOTOS AND READ MORE about what happened when Jack and Lydia entered her classroom.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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