Video: Fallout After Man Kisses Reporter On-Air

Eric Goodman was acting like a jerk. Let's be clear about that right out of the gate.

No one wants to be accosted while doing their job. On TV, or off. We should be keeping all of our hands to ourselves, unless someone has invited us NOT to. Then, all hands on deck, as it were.

Hopefully, privately.

Should he be embarrassed?

Yes. He comes across as an entitled jackwagon.

Is he a criminal?

Technically, maybe.

In reality? No. He is just another jerk, in a long line of jerks we will ALL be subject-to, at one time or another.

The reporter, Sara Rivest, explained to an anchor, what happened, and how it made her feel.

Eric Goodman wrote her a letter to apologize.

Unsurprisingly, it appears alcohol may have been involved.

Apology letter courtesy Wave 3 News

Here is Rivest's response: "I absolutely accept Eric’s apology. I truly believe he feels bad and is sincere. Actions, though, have consequences and from that letter it seems like he, too, knows that he needs to face those consequences, so I also agree with the Commonwealth’s decision to charge him.”

Goodman has a court date on Nov. 6 at 1 p.m.

DO YOU think charges are appropriate?

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