What Americans Say They Are Stressing Out About

Ask someone what they are stressed out about in their lives and the answers will most likely be work, money or relationships.

But those aren’t the only things people are most stressed out about according to the new “Stress in America” survey done every year by the American Psychological Association.

This year’s APA survey shows that among the things people are most stressed out about is the 2020 presidential election, which is still one year away this week.

It found that 56% of those surveyed said the November 2020 election is already what the researchers describe as a “significant stressor.That’s an increase from the 52% who said the 2016 presidential election was stressful.

The researchers at the American Psychological Association say the election is a more stressful topic for those in the survey who said they were Democrats than those who said they were Republicans, by almost 25%.

Even more of those in the survey, about 70 percent of everyone polled, said the other top things they stress over are the mass shootings and the cost of health care.

And with the things that are stressing out Americans, it’s not surprising the survey also found that while people say they want to keep up with the news and “want to stay informed,” 54 percent of them say the news is stressing them out.

So what to do about all this stress?According to the American Psychological Association, the best ways to manage stress are to get a good amount of sleep, exercise and make sure you have what they call a healthy network of social support.

READ MORE about the APA Survey.

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