Father of Rep. Duncan D. Hunter Talks About Son's Future

Since Monday’s guilty plea by San Diego congressman Duncan Hunter to a felony charge in federal court, a lot of people are asking, so what now?

Hunter, who has served a decade in Congress, has indicated that he will be resigning at some point, but people want to know when?How soon? Before the primary elections in three months on March 3rd in which several candidates are seeking his seat?Or after he is sentenced in federal court on March 17th?

And people are also already talking about other things that could happen.

Former congressman Darrell Issa, who’s one of the candidates running for Hunter’s seat has said he’s not a fan of sending a guy like Hunter who did what he did t prison and is suggesting the President consider granting Hunter clemency.

The president has issued pardons since he was elected. And Hunter was among the first, if not the first member of Congress to endorse Donald Trump when he first announced his candidacy in 2015.

And if the President were to do something like that, what about Duncan Hunter’s wife, Margaret? Will she have to go to prison when she’s sentenced or might she also be granted a pardon?

So who knows. One person who may know more about what’s going to happen than maybe anyone else is Duncan D. Hunter’s father, Duncan Lee Hunter, who served in Congress for 28 years and even ran for President.

Hunter’s dad talks about what’s next for his son…in an exclusive KOGO Newsmaker interview that you can hear on San Diego’s Evening News starting Thursday and Friday nights at 6:10 p.m. on KOGO and at kogo.com.

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