The Legacy Of A Two Year Old San Diego Boy Resonates Around The World

We often hear of stories of the legacy left by a loved one, who touched others and continues to do so after their passing.

This is the case of two year old Blake Davis of San Diego. When he was diagnosed with a rare heart and lung condition, the expressions of love and support poured in to the family, with people asking what they could do to help.

Blake's parents, Leah and Rob, decided to focus on the positive energy around Blake by asking their support network to do good deeds in his honor. People bought coffee for the person in line behind them, cleaned beaches, helped strangers move furniture, fed the homeless in their neighborhood, donated toys, and brought cookies to their local fire station.

#ForBlake, is a growing movement of people doing good deeds in honor of 2-year-old Blake Davis, who died in 2019.

Soon, what started as a way for helpless-feeling family and friends to do something turned into a global movement on Facebook,impacting thousands of people worldwide. People have been touched by good deeds in Blake’s name across the U.S., Italy, Guam, and as far away as Borneo, where endangered turtles are being protected in a nest named for Blake.

Blake’s family launched, which is designed to keep the good deeds going and connect the global community that has sprung up around #ForBlake.

The family is not asking for donations – all they want is to nurture the spirit of giving that started around their little boy, and to continue spreading positivity in his honor.

Please listen to the interview with Leah and Rob below:

Photo Credit: Leah and Rob Davis

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