Why the Political Fighting is Heating Up

While the impeachment trial in the U.S Senate is getting most of the news attention in recent days, you can tell that we are getting very close to when voters will have the chance to decide what will happen this year.

The first big event for voters is less than two weeks away. The Iowa caucuses, when voters in that Midwestern state gather together, discuss and debate and decide on who they want for president.

And the charges and counter charges between the Democratic presidential candidates have certainly heated up.

And in a matter of about 6 weeks, voters in San Diego and up and down the state will be going to the polls to cast ballots in California’s now much earlier primary election, now on March 3rd instead of the usual early June date for the primary in the past.

You’re already seeing more of the Democratic presidential candidates and even Republican Bill Weld who’s running against President Trump spending time campaigning in San Diego.

And locally, the 50th Congressional district race to replace the soon to be sentenced Duncan Hunter has turned nasty, not unexpectedly, with the stakes so high for both parties in that district.

So get ready to do your homework, on who and what to vote for. Early voting starts on Feb 3rd.


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