What Some Parents Are Saying About the Super Bowl Half-Time Show

Unless you’re a 49ers fan, most fans seem to be saying the Super Bowl game was one of the best, with both teams battling it out and the Kansas City Chiefs staging a big comeback at the end to win.

But the Super Bowl halftime show is a different story. Since Jennifer Lopez and Shakira left the football field stage at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, there’s been some criticism.

The USA Today said the two stars delivered a set complete with "pole-dancing, a children's choir and a meme-able tongue moment."

And on social media, there were plenty of critical comments.

One tweet saying, “The Super Bowl halftime show was just a bad strip show.”

Other comments on Twitter included these:

"I’m no prude, but watching it with my 7yo daughter and 11yo son was really uncomfortable.”

And another that said, “I am embarrassed for my kids to watch this halftime show... stripper poles, crotch, and rear end shots.... no dignity.”

And then there was this tweet:

"We have had so much positive discussion about not treating women like sexual objects, then they go & do this.”

If this trend continues, with Super Bowl halftime shows inappropriate for general audiences, the NFL is going to have to slap it with at least a "PG-13" rating next year. Or maybe even an "R" rating, And a lot of families will be turning off the TV till the start of the second half!

SEE what I'm talking about.

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