Why Coronavirus Case in San Diego Is Not Reason to Panic

At a time when the coronavirus in China is spreading there, the fact that there are only about a dozen cases here in the U.S. is good news.

While the latest case in the U.S is here in San Diego, as we have been reporting, it is not someone who has been walking around in public, but one of the 232 evacuees who have been confined at MCAS Miramar after being flown in from China last week.

Despite what appears to have been a snafu by the CDC that allowed one of the evacuees sent to the hospital to be checked but then returned for a brief time to the military base quarantine area, only then to be discovered as having the virus, the person was returned to the hospital.

Those evacuees at the Marine base already have to stay there for two weeks to get past the incubation period without showing any signs of the virus before they will be even allowed to leave. But with some of them having possibly been exposed to the one person reported to have the virus who was let out of the hospital early, they may have to stay in quarantine a little longer.

So health officials say while there remains no need to panic about your chances of getting the coronavirus, they also say you should remain more concerned about the seasonal flu.

Millions of Americans have had or have it and that has led to several thousand fatalities as it does every year. And with February usually the peak of the flu season, they continue to recommend flu vaccines for anyone six months or older.

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(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)