The Real Story About the Coronavirus in San Diego

Everywhere you go it seems people are talking about or raising questions about the coronavirus.

It’s not surprising of course, because it’s in all the news, every time you turn on the radio, or look at your phone or watch TV.But then stories about health usually are at the top of things in the news people most care about.

Just over the last week or, in trips ranging from the grocery store to the doctor’s office, questions were being asked.And when you’re in the news business, of course, we often get a lot of questions because some people think you know what’s going on all the time.

And when you have cases of the coronavirus in the area where you live, even if they have been isolated to those who were flown from China to MCAS Miramar, it can start to worry a bit and cause you to ask even more questions about it.

While much is known about the coronavirus, much is still not….as world health officials and those on the ground are working to learn more.And many are working very hard.

Some in the health field in San Diego say they are impressed with one of our local pharmaceutical companies reported to have come up with a coronavirus vaccine in a matter of a few days and is now in clinical testing.

Not that surprising maybe because San Diego is known as a place where breakthroughs are made in health science.

So with all this going on about this virus that still presents very low risk except for those who have been to an area in China, it’s important that we all stay informed and not allow rumors or things you may see on social media cause you concern.

The story of the coronavirus is a serious one but we have to make sure we are getting the true story and not a sensationalized one.

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