18-Year-Old SUV Driver Deliberately Runs Over Four Teens On Sidewalk

Four teenagers were injured when an 18-year-old driver intentionally ran them over as they were walking on the sidewalk in Burlingame, California. Two of the victims suffered serious injuries and were taken to Stanford Hospital, while the other two teens were taken to a different hospital with less severe injuries.

The SUV driver, identified as Omeed Adibi, struck a fire hydrant after he mowed them down.

“The neighbor, the front room is where he watches TV, he was just house-sitting for his parents, and he heard a loud crash, and he was the first on the scene with the water going crazy,” local resident Joe Ram told KBCW-TV.

Abidi fled the scene but was taken into custody a few blocks away. Authorities said that he deliberately targeted the group, but did not provide a motive for the attack. He is facing charges of felony hit-and-run and attempted homicide.

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