Health Officials Release New Information on Coronavirus in San Diego County

The number of positive cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) was 39 in San Diego County as of Monday morning as reported by the county health agency.

On Sunday, state health officials announced that as of Sunday afternoon, six people in the state had died from the coronavirus. The number of those confirmed to have been infected in the state rose to 338 Sunday, a 14 percent increase from the prior day.

The governor called on all bars, clubs and wineries in the state to close temporarily due to the coronavirus and directed restaurants to reduce their capacity by half and advised customers to practice “deep social distancing” when dining out. Newson also urged all residents in California over the age of 65 to self-quarantine in their homes

San Diego Courts Issue Message for Jurors

The San Diego County Superior Court system issued an advisory Monday morning:

"In light of the Public Health Department’s weekend guidance of no more than 50 people in a room, the San Diego Superior Court is now asking all County residents summoned to appear the week of March 16th -19th in the Superior Court not to come to the courthouse. “While we had COVID-19 procedures in place to provide enough social distancing for summoned jurors in our jury services room, having a jury pool of 50 people will not provide us with enough people for fair trials,” says San Diego Superior Court Presiding Judge Lorna Alksne. The Court is asking all those who are currently seated on a trial or in deliberations to report to the courtroom for further guidance from the judge. As for summoned jurors after March 19, the court is asking people to monitor its website and Twitter account for more information."



(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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