WATCH: Why Toilet Paper Playing a Big Role in the Coronavirus Story

When what we are all going through has ended and the story of the coronavirus of 2020 is told, what will be biggest story that will be part of its history?

Undoubtedly it will be about the toilet paper...

The hoarding of toilet paper, the theft of toilet paper and even about the fights over toilet paper.

There have been various reasons given for what we have seen happening with toilet paper and why.

With the coronavirus being a respiratory illness and not a digestive tract illness, the runs on toilet paper were not expected.

But toilet paper has become one of the hardest things for stores to keep stocked and for many of us to find.

You’ve been hearing the reports here on KOGO from those in the grocery store business, who say they have more supplies coming into and out of their warehouses, but because of the over-buying; it has caused the shortages on the shelves.

So why have so many people been buying so much more toilet paper than they need?

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.After all, the TV ads about toilet paper often talk about comfort.

And in times like these, when we are worried and anxious about what we don’t know much about, we make sure that even though we know we have enough, we want some more because it makes us feel more comfortable at a time when’re not feeling very comfortable.

And that’s why one of the positive things that may come out of the coronavirus experience, is more of us not wasting as much and instead, conserving more.

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: History of Toilet Paper shortages in the U.S.

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