Newsom Wants Ban on Carotid Restraint, Changes in Response to Protesters

California Governor Gavin Newsom said Friday he’s ordering an end to training of law enforcement officers in the state in the use of the carotid neck restraint technique.

It follows the announcement by San Diego Police Chief David Nisleit that he was banning the controversial restraint technique immediately. The San Diego Sheriff's Department and virtually all law enforcement agencies in the county also announced the end of its use. Newsom says he will sign a proposed measure that has been introduced in the state legislature to ban the use of the technique.

Gov. Newsom also said Friday that he will lead an effort to pass a new law to change the standard for when and how police should use force during protests and to control crowds. Newsom says he will work with lawmakers including the Legislative Black Caucus, national experts, community leaders and law enforcement to come up with a proposal.

As the Governor put it in his news conference heard live on KOGO Friday, “Protesters have the right not to be harassed. Protesters have the right to protest peacefully...without being arrested, gassed, shot at by projectiles.”

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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