LISTEN: President of San Diego Black Police Officers Association

What’s it like to be black and living in San Diego?

For African Americans living in San Diego, questions like that are not new. If you’re not black, they may very well be questions you’ve never really thought about. Until now.

With the current tensions and an increased awareness about racism in America, these are the kinds of questions being thought about in a lot of cites.

A reporter for the Voice of San Diego spoke with some current and former residents of southeast San Diego and heard stories of their encounters with police that reflect a concern about differences in the way they’re treated or viewed.

But what is it like to be a black in San Diego who’s also be a cop in San Diego?

Ben Kelso grew up in Detroit, a city which has had racial challenges and even race riots years ago.And he never thought he’d be a cop. But one day when he was young, Ben decided to leave Detroit and move to San Diego, and joined the San Diego Police Department.

That was some 30 years ago or so, and Ben has risen through the ranks and is now a police lieutenant with the department. He’s been protecting and serving San Diego for all these years.

And for years now, Ben has been president of the San Diego Black Police Officers Association.

His story is a unique one and he has lots of thoughts about police, racism and the future.

LISTEN BELOW to my interview with Lt. Kelso.

READ more about Lt. Ben Kelso.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

President - San Diego Black Police Officers Association

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