A Different Kind of Summer in San Diego

Summer official begins on the calendar on June 20th, this Saturday. But in San Diego it's going to be a little different.

June gloom is not as gloomy as it often is, but we’ve had our share of the morning clouds lingering into the day more often as they do almost every year during this month.

But things are still very different here in June of 2020. The typical graduation ceremonies didn’t happen. The typical weddings in June aren’t happening as much. The airport isn’t filled with visitors beginning a week of vacation San Diego style.

We aren’t talking much about all the traffic around the Del Mar Fairgrounds or reviewing all the deep fried food at the San Diego County Fair. And there are no sounds of baseball coming from Petco Park.

Instead, what's marking this June this year are re-openings.

Restaurants and lots of other businesses that were either partially or totally closed welcoming customers back after two and a half months of stay at home shutdowns.

We are starting to get back to semi-normal after a giant abnormal pause in normal life and a normal economy that normally begins to boom in June with tourists from everywhere.

You can see that people have started to get out a lot more because traffic is a lot more lately.But we all know that it’s still going to be an unusually quiet summer in San Diego, with a lot of big events, the biggest of which is Comic Con, all cancelled weeks ago.

Instead this summer is likely to be most remembered as the summer of face masks and social distancing.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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