DeMaio Report: Why People Don’t Trust the CDC on Covid

CDC Employees Overwhelmingly Contribute to Democrat Candidates.

“The CDC has been wrong so many times on Covid 19 and now we see the bureaucrats at CDC overwhelmingly favor Democrats in terms of their political contributions,” noted Carl DeMaio.

“Only 5 Republican contributions out of over 8000 contributions made to Democrats: that’s overwhelming partisanship for you,” noted Lou Penrose.

Since 2015, 550 CDC employees have made over 8,000 federal contributions totalling over $285,000. Only 5 of those contributions and just over $1,000 went to Republican PAC’s or candidates. Most of the donations went to ActBlue, which is an online fundraising platform used by Democratic and left-leaning organizations. Some of the other beneficiaries of the CDC contributions included Bernie 2020, Warren for President, Inc, Hillary for America, and Biden for President. 

Beyond just providing support for specific candidates, there were many donations made to progressive organizations. Some of these organizations' sole purpose is to “elect progressive leaders, rebuild democracy, and defeat the Trump agenda.”

The contributions came from a variety of sources within the CDC. Some of those sources include physicians, epidemiologists, public health advisors, economists, and health communication specialists. These sources worked at both the Atlanta and Washington offices.  

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The DeMaio Report: Why people don't trust the CDC