What an Earthquake Can Teach Us About a Pandemic

As earthquakes go, the early morning one today in L-A was not a big one. But...

That doesn’t mean a lot of people didn’t feel it and for those who did and were awakened by the shaking, it was yet another reminder that we live in earthquake country.

There are quakes every day in our state, most of them are not felt, but enough are to keep us mindful of them and what they can do.

Of course, with the pandemic here in 2020, earthquakes may not rattle us as much because we’re getting used to all the unsettling things that are happening this year.

You’ve heard it said when we’ve had unusual weather, dust storms, or hurricanes or anything that happens that might be described as out of the ordinary, “Well it figures, it’s 2020.”

Well the year of the pandemic is also teaching us something we already know about the other more familiar things we have to deal with in California.

Not only earthquakes, but things like wildfires and Santa Ana’s.We’ve learned how important it is to be prepared for quakes and fires, not only for each of us individually, but also for local and state governments.

And if we learn anything from the pandemic, it is that all levels of government and all those in leadership need to be much better prepared for a pandemic.

From having stockpiles of personal protective equipment to better protocols for keeping infections from spreading so easily in nursing homes to more effective hygiene practices at offices, stores and schools.

Because we would all agree, that it would be a lot better if we never have to go through this again!

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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