Injecting Hope Into the Race for a Vaccine

Could a vaccine for the fight against COVID-19 be near?

With the news this week that U-C San Diego is taking part in a nationwide phase three trial of a vaccine involving tens of thousands of people, comes hope among many here in San Diego and elsewhere that a vaccine for the coronavirus could be getting closer.

Of course every day that goes by it gets closer, and we all hope it comes soon, but is the hope for a vaccine coming within a month or two more realistic?

The push for one is clearly on. The CDC this week told public health officials in all 50 states to prepare to give a vaccine to health care workers and other high risk groups as soon as late October.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said this week a vaccine is possible by the November election but more likely at the end of the year….stressing though that any vaccine will need to be proven to be effective and safe.

But he also said this week that with two large clinical trials expected to be finished by the end of the year, what’s called the Independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board could decide to end them earlier if interim results are overwhelmingly positive.

Fauci saying scientists then would have what he calls a moral obligation to end the trials early and make the vaccine available.

So in spite of all the hope there is for a vaccine sooner than later, it will come down to what ‘s fast enough but not too fast.

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