Why to be Thankful This Hot Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is typically about taking a rest from our labor, kicking back, and enjoying everything that living in San Diego means.

But this is 2020 and so this weekend, here we go. A whopper of a heat wave.

While hot weather is not unusual in San Diego in September, the temperatures predicted for this weekend are expected to easily break records.

And while we do have some heat waves every summer, this one is one we don’t need. It comes at a time when, because of the virus, we’re urged to spend more time outdoors.

The beaches are expected to be packed at a time when there aren’t supposed to be things that are packed.So it’s hoped that along with their swim gear, beachgoers pack their face masks and make those six feet markings on the sand.

We also have the higher risk of wildfires to deal with during this extreme heat. A reminder to be extra careful and to be extra alert to help prevent any fires and keep any we might have to very small ones.

But we should be thankful this Labor Day weekend that in San Diego, unlike places like Texas where 100 degree readings can last for months, we only get waves of heat during the summer months.

And we also can be thankful that we have those other kind of waves that are welcome year round for surfing, swimming and sightseeing…but especially now.

So as we get ready for one of our hottest Labor Day weekends, Stay Cool San Diego!

(Photo C.E. Albert)

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