What SDSU Outbreak Means for COVID Fight in San Diego County

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases among San Diego State students reaching 400 is making news, but some may wonder what the big deal is.

That’s only 400 out of the tens of thousands of students, some of whom live on campus, but the huge majority that does not.

And the San Diego Union Tribune quotes county health officials as saying none of those 400 students has needed to be hospitalized.

But university officials know that despite that...having 400 cases in just two weeks has been cause for concern. And that’s why they slapped on the stay at home order at student housing and possible disciplinary action against students who violate it. And also why they put a pause on most in-class or in-lab learning for a while.

They know, as do the county’s health experts, that it’s not as much about the students getting seriously ill, but about the more vulnerable people on campus and in the community.

The county’s latest COVID report shows 22 community outbreaks in just the last seven days, which are often occurring of late in restaurants with bars and at various kinds of businesses.

While some K-12 schools in the county are now open, San Diego State is the only school setting that has seen outbreaks so far.

So the push for masks and physical distancing remains, because the last thing most of us want to see happen is going backwards if the county were to have to re-close what has been re-opened.

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