WATCH: Another 9-11 Lesson for America 19 Years Later

It was on this day 19 years ago when something that some thought could happen but would not happen…suddenly happened.

An evil attack against America carried out by evil terrorists on our own soil, in our nation’s largest city and in our nation’s capital and nearly 3,000 people died.

Sept 11th stunned and jolted us and changed us.And it taught us that as a country that we had to be better prepared for the unexpected. It was a lesson the country’s leaders at the time thought they had learned before…a long time ago on December 7th 1941 when we were caught off guard by an attack on Pearl Harbor.

Then the day dawned on September 11th, 2001, and our nation’s leaders were confronted with once again not being as prepared as we should have been.We are better prepared now.

But 19 years ago, none of us would have expected that terrorists could come to America and carry out an incredible plan to fly airplanes into buildings to kill innocent people.

Fast forward to 2020, 19 years later, when the nation is now confronted with another lesson about what happens when you’re not prepared. Our nation’s leaders were again not prepared for an attack, this time, not from terrorists, but from a virus.

A pandemic, that some said could happen one day, but when it did happen, we discovered once again we were not well prepared, with shortages of critical supplies and plans to respond to the attack. And now more than 190-thousand people have died in just over six months.

Our prayer on this day should be one for those who have lost loved ones now and 19 years ago, but also that we as a nation won’t have to be taught another lesson about not being prepared.



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