The Unprecedented Presidential Visit to California in an Unprecedented Year

President Trump’s trip to California today during an unprecedented year for wildfires, with many still burning, certainly has the potential to be an explosive visit.

With the president having slammed Governor Newsom and state leaders over everything from wildfires to the border to sanctuary cities, and the state’s Attorney General having filed lawsuit after lawsuit against the Trump administration, the president’s visit to California’s capital city is expected to be a controversial one.

It also comes in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic and 50 days before the presidential election with the state sending mail ballots to every voter and the president waging a campaign against mail ballots.

And when it comes to the pandemic, while the Governor was the first in the nation to issue a statewide stay at home order with most school classrooms not open and many businesses in the state still closed or restricted, the president ‘s campaign is holding campaign rallies with most supporters not wearing face coverings or socially distancing.

In other words, the trip by President Trump to California will be as stark for its contrasts as it is for its news value when a president of the United States visits your state. Especially here in the year 2020.

(Photo Getty Images)

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