DeMaio Report: Todd Gloria supports bill to benefit sex offenders

Mayoral candidate Todd Gloria recently voted for Senate Bill 145 - a controversial bill that makes it easier for sex offenders who target children to avoid being listed on the sex offender registry. 

In what is becoming a pattern of siding with sex offenders against the victims of their crimes, San Diego Mayoral candidate Todd Gloria voted for a controversial bill (SB-145) that exempts criminal sex offenders from mandatory registration into the sex offenders registry of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor.

Under Gloria’s policy, this would mean that a 24-year-old could have sex with a 14-year-old and NOT be considered a sexual offender and therefore not placed on the sex offender registry for further monitoring. 

The reason that we have a sex offender law is because, as a community, we need to monitor criminals. 

“The evidence is overwhelming that you only find one out of a hundred offenders that are caught in these types of crimes and we need to watch them carefully,” Carl DeMaio stated. “There’s no circumstance where a 24 year old having sex with a 14 year old would not be assault,” Lou Penrose stated. 

Now that the public has become aware of SB 145 and angry constituents are asking questions, Todd Gloria and other Democrats are now trying to spin and deceive on what SB 145 is all about. Gloria is saying that SB-145 is a law intended to assist people, such as those in the LGBT community, avoid discrimination. 

“It’s absolutely shameful. He’s doubling down on a lie,” stated DeMaio. 

Enough is enough! It’s time for Democrats like Todd Gloria to side with crime victims and children, not predatory sex offenders.  

Click on the link below to hear Carl and Lou break down what kind of disgusting law Todd Gloria is standing behind.

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