WATCH: California Hospital Security Guard Cheers on Health Care Workers

Sometimes a story comes along at just the right time.

And as we all are dealing with the stress of the pandemic and the divisiveness of the politics in a year that has been marked by it all, we need stories to come along that lift us up. And there is one that is worth sharing.

A simple but powerful story about a hospital security guard here in California, who works the overnight shift at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Downey.

His name is Robert Johnson, a man who holds two jobs to pay the bills, and who is a former U.S. Marine. Robert has been doing something to support all the front line doctors, nurses and other health care workers that has attracted enough attention that it has gone viral.

For months now, as leave the building after their shifts, Robert starts cheering them and the exhausted health care workers say they can’t help but join in to give themselves and each other a much-deserved round of applause.

Robert says he’s always had a positive attitude and adds this: “The Marine Corps taught me that there are no problems in life. You only have challenges that you will overcome.”

The story of Robert Johnson should be an inspiration to us all, and it will probably inspire others to be an encourager like him. Let’s hope so because we can sure use more people like him here in 2020.

(Photo Getty Images)

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