What Sports Fans Are Most Rooting for This Fall

Going into a normal weekend during this point in the Fall, things would be different in a lot of ways without the pandemic.

When it comes to sports, at this point in the Fall, during the month of October, both football and baseball are what many Americans, young and old, are watching, going to or taking part in.

There were would be cheering crowds at the smallest high school football fields and the largest college and NFL stadiums across the country with lots of emotions among fans. And the World Series would be drawing baseball fans from everywhere.

But not in the Fall of 2020. The emotions this Fall have to do with the disappointment that the Friday Night lights are turned off on the high school football fields. And the many college football programs that are shut down. And among those college football teams that are playing, seeing positive tests for the coronavirus.

And for the NFL, news almost every day of more positive tests among players with some games having to be re-scheduled

Of course with few, if any, fans at all being allowed to actually be at these football and baseball games here in October, the whole mood and fan interest in sports is different this year.

Especially now. With a majority of states reporting spikes in coronavirus cases and worries about the second surge here in the Fall as some had predicted, not as many fans want to crowd together anywhere anyway.

Here in the fall 2020, sports fans and everyone else are just hoping for a victory soon over the pandemic.

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