What to Do as Holidays Near in the Year of Pandemic

Today is November 19th which means that we now begin the ninth month of being under coronavirus public health orders here in California.

It was way back on March 19th that Governor Newsom announced the nation’s first stay at home order. In those first weeks of the order to stay at home except for essential reasons not to, we were more worried about having enough toilet paper than anything else.

Now after going through a full eight months of schools closing and business openings and re-openings and outdoors to indoors and now back to outdoors, there are more serious things to worry about, although some of the hoarding has started again.

That may be because the holidays begin next week, and as they do, there is more worry. Cases of the COVID-19 virus are rising, hospitalizations are growing and the total number of deaths in the U.S. has surpassed 250-thousand. And California has issued a travel advisory to help slow the surge.

The vaccines, they say, are coming within a couple of months and that brings hope for an end to all of this sometime in the New Year.

But with a new report says that there are now so many new cases happening, it’s impossible for health workers to trace them all especially when national data show that fewer than half of people with the virus know where they caught it.

So as we enter this ninth month, virtually all health experts are saying that the single best thing we can do, especially as we begin the holiday season, is to be even more diligent about doing the things most of have been doing, wearing our masks, keeping our distance and washing our hands.

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