How to Help Businesses and Others During a Pandemic Holiday Season

Black Friday, then Small Business Saturday and Cyber Mondays, days each year that are important to stores, shops and businesses as the annual holiday shopping season gets into full swing.

But this year, these three days, and every day after them for the next month are not only important but have become critical, with some businesses in intensive care as they try to survive the pandemic.

With Purple Tier restrictions likely to remain in place for several more weeks, many businesses are doing what they say they need to do give them a chance of recovering from the economic disaster the pandemic has been.

And they are willing to take the risks of getting a visit or a letter from the County to cease and desist for not following all the public health orders. But for many restaurants, gyms, and shops, it has become a matter of doing what they need to do prevent their livelihood from ceasing to exist.

These businesses don’t want to have to violate health orders but if they do, most of them still take steps to protect the health of their customers as they do what they need to keep from having to lay off more workers and to keep their businesses alive.

Public health officials have acknowledged the fatigue and the frustration that businesses and individuals are feeling as the pandemic surges on, because we all are feeling it.

And that’s why we all need to help each other from businesses that can use our business…to everyone else and ourselves by wearing our masks to help us all get through the pandemic.


(Photo Getty Images)

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