The Stories Behind the Biggest Story of the Pandemic

The news every day about the pandemic is always focused on the numbers. The number of new cases, the number of community outbreaks, the number of hospitalizations and the number of deaths.

Since it started early this year, we have watched the numbers grow and decline and then grow again and now the numbers are getting bigger every day.

And now the number of COVID deaths in San Diego County has gone over 1,000 since the first death in our county made big news back in March.

And now surpassing the 1,000 mark is big news again and it should be…because the numbers only tell a part of the story about the pandemic.

Today’s front page of the San Diego Union Tribune in the newspaper and on line tells the whole story and the biggest story, and not just in numbers but in faces.

The faces of some of the one-thousand-and-19 people in San Diego County who have died from this virus and their stories.

The most important story about this pandemic has always been about its deadly nature, deadlier than the flu, in spite of attempts to compare it to the flu.

The motive behind the orders to stay at home, wear masks and avoid large gatherings is mostly about one thing, preventing more people from losing their lives and families losing loved ones.

And what could be the most important story of the pandemic is what each of us is doing to protect ourselves…so we can protect others. Because that will determine what history will remember about the pandemic of 2020.

SEE SD Union Tribune story.

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