A Personal Story About a Miracle at Rady Children's Hospital

The pandemic and the lockdowns have changed our attitude about a lot of things.

The virus has invaded our lives in many ways and has put us into a pause mode. But it also has helped us see things more clearly.

We’ve learned about the things that are a lot of more important than other things. And when you can’t do things you want to do and you can’t go where you want to go, you become grateful for what you can do and what you do have.

And that is especially true on a day like today when we are hearing the stories of parents and kids who are grateful that we have a place in San Diego like Rady Children’s Hospital.

I can tell you that my family is very grateful. Almost 14 years ago, after years of doing news stories about Rady Children’s Hospital, we found ourselves walking into the cancer ward after our first grandchild, a nine month old baby at the time, had been diagnosed with a neuroblastoma tumor in his little belly.

And amazingly, after some very emotionally difficult days, our little grandson left the hospital after successful surgery thanks to the skilled doctors and nurses at Rady Children’s Hospital.And now years later, he’s a teenager, a smart student and a young man with very special musical talents.

And that’s why today and tomorrow, I am hoping that many of our listeners will help support Rady Children’s Hospital, a place where miracles happen, and lives are saved.And especially during a time, during a deadly pandemic, when we have learned what’s really important about life.


(Photo Rady Children's Hospital)

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