Shots Fired in High Speed Pursuit in Serra Mesa

A high-speed pursuit that began in Escondido ended in the Serra Mesa area early Monday morning with shots being fired.

The California Highway Patrol says officers tried to pull over an SUV shortly after midnight they say was carjacked in Escondido. The driver refused to stop and sped away. The SUV was at Murray Ridge Road and Encino Avenue in Serra Mesa, when it collided with a patrol vehicle. Authorities say several shots were fired from the SUV. The vehicle then fled that scene, leaving behind at least a dozen shell casings. The SUV crashed in the 2200 block of Royale Crescent Court, with the three people inside fleeing from the vehicle. One officer was reported to have suffered minor injuries and was expected to be OK. .It was unclear if he was shot or was injured in some other way.

Reporting partner ABC 10News says a female was found hiding near the vehicle and was taken into custody. About an hour later, a second suspect -- a male -- was seen in a church parking lot on Murray Ridge Road and was apprehended. A third suspect, identified as a male, was at large as of 6:30 a.m.

(Photo 10News)

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