New San Diego County-Wide Renter Protection Program Faces Opposition

New county-wide protections for renters in danger of losing their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic could soon be put in place in San Diego, reports CBS8.

Although the state of California has passed rent relief that allows landlords to re-coup most of the rent they're owed and keep them from kicking out people, some are using loopholes to evict tenants.

"Housing is a human right, pandemic or no pandemic," mother of two from Imperial Beach Patricia Mendoza told CBS8. "My kids don't even want to open the door anymore. They're scared that it's going to be the landlord."

She says her latest eviction notice said the property's owner plans to do "major renovations" on the unit which qualifies as a loophole under the state's eviction moratorium.

County Supervisor Nora Vargas has drafted new county-wide renter protections that would close these kinds of loopholes and keep families in their homes.

While many renters have spoken out in support on the measure, a smaller group of landlords have blasted Vargas' ordinance.

"We continue to pay taxes, utilities, insurance, and plow a good amount of what we make into the assets to maintain them," said one property owner.

The County Board of Supervisors will cast a second vote on the measure on May 4.

You can find information about rent relief here.

Photo: Getty Images